Urban Art Dublin @ the ferocious mingle marcade

So I took a stroll around Dublin City Centre over the weekend, in search of more street art and found a few more images to add to the portfolio. These shots were taken on the Nokia 5100. No effects used. Found a great little market near Vicar Street (opposite another favourite music venue, the Thomas House) which goes by the interesting name ‘The Ferocious Mingle Marcade’, very strange place, all the stalls were manned by people dressed in fancy dress. I kid you not. The graffitti was at the back in the carpark. Every wall covered.

It really was like walking into a circus or something. They have a really nice vegan restaurant, a music venue, the most fascinating stage I have ever seen including laurel and hardy movie playing in the background, a book stall, clothes, games and jewelry. Open Tuesday to Sunday, gigs take place daily from 2:30 and there are about 30 cinema seats available to park your rear in while you enjoy the music. I have to play there soon.

Wonky Tan
Wonky Tan
punch 50
the ferocious mingle marcade
the ferocious mingle marcade

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