What’s for dinner lads?

You never know what you will find when you turn a corner, do you?

After dropping off my bag at the hotel I headed out of Victoria towards the Tube and found this group of cheeky chaps congregating on the corner of Vincent Square SW1 (Westminster Kingsway College). It pays to have a camera at the ready…

London college chefs series 3

series 1

London college chefs series 02

series 2

London college chefs 01

series 3

Chefs V

series IV

Chefs IV

series V

6 thoughts on “What’s for dinner lads?

  1. HEY THATS MY COLLEGE!! lol and i wasnt in the shot but im out with the guys around the corner 🙂 it was the third year graduation and we had to all stand out side and hit pots and pans as they went in the college for thier graduation dinner!! small world!!

  2. lol yep im the black dude right on the corner with the pans like Gusteau from rattatouli 😀

  3. I’ve only just seen these for the first time and think that they are great. How do I go about purchasing one of these? I am the Head of Faculty of this group of students and introduced the Graduation Ceremony walk to the music of pots and pans at the end of our graduation in St Stephen’s church.

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