David Gray hits the right note

Travelled to Groove Festival, to see David Gray belt out his new tunes including ‘Cake and eat it’, ‘Arctic’, ‘Toil’, ‘Girl Like You’, ‘Last Summer’ from the new album MUTINEERS

DG also treated us to crowd pleasers ‘Sail Away’, ‘Please Forgive Me’, ‘Alibi’, ‘My Oh My’, ‘This Years Love’ and ‘Babylon’. In flying form, DG and his band got the crowd going from the moment they hit the stage with ‘Back In The World Again’.

A real treat to witness a songwriter like Gray at the height of his powers in a beautiful natural venue like Killruddery Estate, Co Wicklow. Aah the garden of Ireland, is right.

Come back soon Daithi.

Shot on a Nikon P 340



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