Lady luck

Found this little fella floating in the watering can this week. Say hello to the great Houdini …


Up the hill for Jack & Jill

A great day was had by our four-legged friends and all the gang who gathered at Mutleys, PortmarnockĀ for the annual charity walk.

Thanks to everyone who made this a special event for a worthwhile cause.

Jack and Jill-2
Up the Hill for Jack and Jill



Don’t ‘Kill Bill’

Snapped these happy chappies in Portmarnock a while back. They have no fear of the camera or anything else for that matter and almost get themselves run over on a daily basis as they jump the wall onto the busy road nearby. Motorists please note…

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Morrissey for mayor

Photo credit unknown

According to a Morrissey statement on the singer has been invited to become London Mayor candidate for 2016 election by Animal Welfare Party.

Needing 330 signatures to enter the race he is seriously considering Ā running.

Run Mozza run..