The DA Club was a great music venue located @ 3-5 Clarendon Market, Dublin (just off Grafton St.) behind Peters Pub. It played host to many an up and coming songwriter night and even some more established homegrown talent like JackL and The Pale. Sadly, it closed down as a music venue after a few years and now showcases talent of a different variety.

I found this print in the boot of the car this morning of yours truly playing an acoustic set from 19 March 1998 supported by cousin Gwyn on bass. Let’s not mention the beard (Bloody hell, what was I thinking?) as for the beige combats.. somebody call Fashion Police.

Back then, we played a series of acoustic sets (mostly original songs, with the odd cover version of The Smiths, Chilli Peppers, thrown in) along with radio show appearances on 2FM our national radio station.

Aah it was a great venue, upstairs above a bar with cinema style seating enough to hold 80-100 people. Most nights you were lucky if half that turned up and if you made enough on the door to pay the engineer and venue, you felt really lucky. Dublin needs more tiny music venues like the DA Club where musicians starting out can get a chance to play. If you have any memories of The DA..please share.  

Johnny Marr

Blistering set from Johnny Marr and band on Sunday 18 October at the Olympia Theatre, Dame Street, Dublin. Armed with his trusty Fender Jaguar he assaulted the crowd with tracks from his new solo album including Easy Money, Dynamo, Playland as well as Smiths favourites Panic, How Soon Is Now, Bigmouth Strikes Again, There is a light that never goes out, You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby, and great covers of The Primitives ‘Crash’ and Electronic’s ‘Getting Away With It’.

Johnny Marr
Johnny Marr 01
Johnny Marr 02
Johnny Marr 02
Johnny Marr 03
Johnny Marr 03

Caught up with the band First Aid Kit last night at probably the best music venue in Dublin, the Olympia Theatre. Last time, I saw them I witnessed an incredible gig at Vicar Street. This was no different except they showcased some songs from their new album Stay Gold including the title track, a great version of Heaven Knows, Cedar Lane, Waitress song and Master Pretender.

The band earned themselves a standing ovation from the delighted crowd as they finished off the set with some classics from their Lion’s Roar album. Beyond savage!

First Aid Kit Olympia 180914 -01

First Aid Kit, Olympia - 04

First Aid Kit, Olympia - 02

Patti Smith – “..everyone is isolated”

I came across this short interview of Patti Smith on You Tube. Considering it was recorded back in 2002, it is remarkable what she has to say. 


Since I picked up a copy of the Patti Smith Group album ‘Wave’, she has been a favorite outsider. I have since collected all of her albums and several of her books. Luckily, I got to hear her perform in Paris a couple of years back. A fascinating individual…