Life’s a beach at Forty Fives

Landed on our feet when we discovered new beach bar bistro ‘Forty Fives’ in Playa D’en Bossa, Ibiza. Run by London DJ James and his wife Melanie, this place was a regular hotspot for our crew to refuel at lunch hour or grab some much-needed retreat from the sunshine. A great spot for a midday beer, wine, tasty lunch or just relax with a cool water and watch the world pass by. Occasionally, James could be heard spinning the discs of Bob Marley, Soul II Soul or some vintage acid jazz 45’s. With attentive and cheerful staff, a world-class chef, a great vegetarian Sunday roast and personnel service, you would be cheating yourself not to stop by Forty Fives if you are heading to Ibiza. Here is a few shots taken on our recent trip. Thank you to James, Mel & Co. See you soon..


Woodys Strat


This Fender Strat is autographed by Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones. Shot in the window of an art gallery in London on my iphone. Its priced around 2 grand if I remember correctly. Not sure I would call it art though. As well as a guitarist, Ronnie is a spectacular painter specialising in portraits and Horses. If you have an interest in art you should check out his work online.
I once met him in Dublin as he was out shopping with his then wife Jo, as a fan it was a great experience. He is so down to earth, not what you might expect.

All you need is Abbey Road

On the latest London adventure, I was planning on taking one of those walk abouts around famous rock n roll landmarks with my good pal Jimpo. Only trouble was, I didn’t plan on the catastrophic hangover I woke up to last Friday. Realising we would miss the walk at 11am, I asked the cabbie where Abbey Road was as we headed back to the hotel on Thursday night. ‘St. Johns Wood, mate’ I was reliably informed. So the next morning (afternoon), we set off.. Jimpo, me and a camera. I am pleasantly surprised at the results..

What’s for dinner lads?

You never know what you will find when you turn a corner, do you?

After dropping off my bag at the hotel I headed out of Victoria towards the Tube and found this group of cheeky chaps congregating on the corner of Vincent Square SW1 (Westminster Kingsway College). It pays to have a camera at the ready…

London college chefs series 3

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London college chefs series 02

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London college chefs 01

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Chefs V

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Chefs IV

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