On the latest London adventure, I was planning on taking one of those walk abouts around famous rock n roll landmarks with my good pal Jimpo. Only trouble was, I didn’t plan on the catastrophic hangover I woke up to last Friday. Realising we would miss the walk at 11am, I asked the cabbie where Abbey Road was as we headed back to the hotel on Thursday night. ‘St. Johns Wood, mate’ I was reliably informed. So the next morning (afternoon), we set off.. Jimpo, me and a camera. I am pleasantly surprised at the results..

You never know what you will find when you turn a corner, do you?

After dropping off my bag at the hotel I headed out of Victoria towards the Tube and found this group of cheeky chaps congregating on the corner of Vincent Square SW1 (Westminster Kingsway College). It pays to have a camera at the ready…

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