As I came across a washed up crab claw on Portmarnock beach, I thought ‘this might make a good foreground for a photo’ on the iphone. I didn’t bank on Fathead (toblerone) Bernise adventurer wanting to get in the picture. Needless to say both iphone and owner survived..

Portmarnock beach

Life In The Fast Lane..

life in the fast lane 2

Took a walk on the beach yesterday with the 3 ‘little’ Bernese’s in Portmarnock and was joined by the other 2. Yes 5 Bernese Mountain Dogs at once. Can you imagine the palava? Great craic though and took this sneaky shot on the brothers iphone camera..(that’s hom in the background) Life doesn’t get much faster than this.
adventures of bernese mountain dogs part II

On the other hand…

life in the fast lane

These three nutters are my brothers bernese mountain dogs (the kids, as he calls them). He has two more at home, the madman. The looney about to clobber me is called Toblerone (I think). Two of them are like twins (MJ and Toblerone), very hard to tell apart.

The other one is called Mismatch and she is no shrieking violet either. Believe it ot not, they are only pups. And a wilder nicer bunch of love muffins you could never hope to meet. They are great fun to be around and keep me on my toes. Especially when there is a camera around. The last time I took my eyes off one, I ended up on my arse. Serves me right..

Adventures of the Bernese Mountain Dogs Part 1


MJ v

MJ iv