Stopped by the roadside yesterday in Meath (R154) to snap this field of gold just beside the now defunct Warrenstown Arms. I remembered I once played a gig in Warrenstown College back in the day, it was great craic and absolute mayhem at the same time.

It was actually a dark shitty day with very dark clouds, but it gave a lot of atmosphere, I brightened the clouds up a bit with a bit of help from Lightroom. What do you think?


dream brother…

The first thing I remember seeing, was a field of yellow as far as the eye could see. I was standing there alone, looking out at the tall leafy trees and the blue sky. A few white clouds hovering in the distance. The sun was shining brightly, I could feel the heat burning.

In the distance, I could see a detached timber house slightly to my left. It was a huge house, more old than new. The kind of house you might see in a western, like that movie ‘Giant’ with James Dean, Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson. Something pulled me towards the house… I walked up the grassy path and in the distance I could hear soft voices.

As I walked the path toward the house, I could see two women talking, laughing and tending to the flowers in the garden outside. The women were standing in a moate around the front of the house. In the doorway, on the steps stood a lone figure, silent. A tall slim man dressed in white shirt, braces, black waistcoat and trousers. As I approached, I recognised the two women. It was my Mother and her sister. They were laughing at the man. The man was my uncle.

I turned away and walked back up the path…

Again, I heard voices..this time hollars.. I looked back over my shoulder to see what the commotion was. Two men drove a lorry like a milk float at great speed in front of the house through the field, almost out of control. Joyriding and hollaring…I could tell they were having fun. Suddenly, the lorry skidded to a halt in the field. To the right, a line of vintage cars. The driver reversed into a space between two cars.

I had to see who was driving. I walked back down towards the field of cars. The two men hopped out and took off towards the house. I recognised the driver. It was my brother, the passenger was his good friend, the prince of darkness.

I got right up to the lorry. It was empty now. I stooped down to see the licence plate at the back.

I could see the words, it read…Tír na nÓg…and just then, I awoke.