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According to a Morrissey statement on the singer has been invited to become London Mayor candidate for 2016 election by Animal Welfare Party.

Needing 330 signatures to enter the race he is seriously considering  running.

Run Mozza run..


Landed on our feet when we discovered new beach bar bistro ‘Forty Fives’ in Playa D’en Bossa, Ibiza. Run by London DJ James and his wife Melanie, this place was a regular hotspot for our crew to refuel at lunch hour or grab some much-needed retreat from the sunshine. A great spot for a midday beer, wine, tasty lunch or just relax with a cool water and watch the world pass by. Occasionally, James could be heard spinning the discs of Bob Marley, Soul II Soul or some vintage acid jazz 45’s. With attentive and cheerful staff, a world-class chef, a great vegetarian Sunday roast and personnel service, you would be cheating yourself not to stop by Forty Fives if you are heading to Ibiza. Here is a few shots taken on our recent trip. Thank you to James, Mel & Co. See you soon..


You never know what you will find when you turn a corner, do you?

After dropping off my bag at the hotel I headed out of Victoria towards the Tube and found this group of cheeky chaps congregating on the corner of Vincent Square SW1 (Westminster Kingsway College). It pays to have a camera at the ready…

London college chefs series 3

series 1

London college chefs series 02

series 2

London college chefs 01

series 3

Chefs V

series IV

Chefs IV

series V

So I had to get on a plane and head for london when I heard the Primitives were playing another gig in the intimate 100 club. I had seen them last June in the 29 and they blew me away. Although the lighting in the 100 had its problems they delivered a great set based on their lovely album which was 25 years released. The band sounded great and seemed to enjoy all the attention. The sold out gig was a real crowd pleaser as you can witness from some of the pics. I do hope they continue to do more gigs and maybe even do some in Ireland.

The Primitives 100 Club 28.09.13

Set list included old favourites like ‘Stop Killing Me’ and ‘Crash’

The Primitives 100 Club 28.09.13

Fender Jaguar..tasty!

The Primitives 100 Club 28.09.13

This guy put so much into the gig, I am sure he lost two pints of sweat

The Primitives 100 Club 28.09.13

Tracy is presented with a bunch of flowers from ‘Flower Man’.

Famous Graves

Karl Mark Grave, Highgate Cemetery, London, England

On a recent visit to London, my friend Stevey who kindly puts us up, or should that be puts up with us, took us on a bus to Highgate Cemetary. He hadn’t a clue I was so interested in graveyards and looked rather perplexed to discover this morbid fascination. It was my first visit to Highgate and the cemetary although I have been to London many times, its seems that we never have any time just to wander and discover new areas. This time was different. The sun came out which was great for snapping. I didn’t bring the Nikon with me so had to rely on the trusted Samsung compact. The cemetery charges an entrance fee, which was a first for me but I suppose it takes alot of staff to keep it in good condition.

The lady in the hut (?) took our sterling and handed us a map of the cemetery which made it all the more easy to find graves of interest. It is full of famous remains. So off we wandered…

“Religion  is the opium of the masses” – Karl Marx

Hercules Belville Grave, Highgate Cemetery, London, England
Hercules Belville Grave, Highgate Cemetery, London, England

Film Producer –


George Eliot Grave
George Eliot Grave

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been”

George Eliot