I think this New York street artist is trying to tell us something but what does it mean? Captured on a Nikon P 340 somewhere in the city that never sleeps (May 2014).

love is telepathic
love is telepathic

U2 Graffiti Art

Took a walk down Hanover Quay earlier this month and came across U2’s recording studio.  Not much to look at really but the place is covered in street art, some great and some not so great but all fanatical. I once had the opportunity to work for U2 on their Zooropa tour many years ago.  It was very hard work but one of the best experiences and I got to see the band back stage and close up! Thinking about it now… if only I had a camera with me back then. These images took me back to just how devoted their fans can be.

Hangover Cure

So I dragged my vegetarian arse out from a nice warm couch into the ‘fresh’ Dublin City Centre air on Sunday for a strole thinking it would be the cure for my dreaded hangover. Went a bit too far on the sauce Saturday night. So hungover, I forgot to take a camera with me and resorted to snapping anything of interest on the trustee Nokia camera phone. Well, the wind was blowing like a hurricane and it hasn’t improved much since Sunday but I did find a bit more street art to add to the collection..I found this image on Fishamble Street (off Temple Bar) next to the George Frederic Handel Hotel.


And this little soldier, I came across on Clanbrassil Street…by my favourite renegade $olus