About me

In my free time, I am a photographer, musician and songwriter and blogger. I live with my wife in Swords, North County Dublin, Ireland and travel the world at every possible opportunity (with a camera of course). A cyber security and data protection consultant by profession, I am fortunate to travel regularly and work with lots of different and interesting global organisations.

I especially like photographing people, animals and street scenes and live music events. This blog is a virtual home for some of my photography.
If you like what you see or would like a photograph please get in contact.

Let’s start here and see what happens…

– DD (October 2012)

I have been interested in photography from a very early age.

I can’t remember my first camera but I was probably about 12 years old when I first got interested in cameras and imagine it was a very cheap and basic camera not an SLR.

I have had many cameras since then and by far my favourite was a cheap East German camera by PRAKTIKA. The model was a BC1 and it was a film SLR which I used to take many black and white shots. I will scan in some shots and post them here.

These days I am lucky enough to use a NIKON D5100, a Tamron 70-300mm lens, NIKON P340, and an iPhone among others..which is one reason I started this blog in the first place, to keep me interested and to push myself at the same time. I really enjoy photography and hope you get enjoyment from my blog. Cheers for stopping by.

Please visit my other website and support independent music – http://www.iambead.com – thank you for visiting.


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